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Current Exhibition

NEW VIBES, NEW TALENTS. This amazing exhibition of 8 artist its happening at the prestigious Galerie KunstHaus Rapp with Vivarte online.


This amazing serie was created to take you right to a dream whimsical place where peace, joy and beautiful emotions emerge from inside us.

I had take my time to explore many emotions and make them bloom into some pieces that will make you smile with some innocence.

I Remember that I took my pair of running shoes after a beautiful sunnrise and said to my self : What are we? What moves us at the end? and I was answering myself things like ...we are love, we are passion, we are success, we are our angry or maybe nostalgic moments... And that's it!!! All of this things are just Emotions! that's what we are!

We collect moments but in shapes of emotions... we can remember a smell but that will be at the end an attached emotion in it.

Then I Clay, clay and clay all this emotions and its still coming, I was call on a afternoon to participate with 7 more artist, I was the only one with Ceramics and I just couldn't say no, without thinking to much I said YES! im In!!!... This was a very in time moment. I hope you make to see this amazing work because its so Worth it!

This is my very first blog... so, im accepting some advices of what you would like to read the next time!

Bye for now!

Do it with passion because ....we all feel it and its amazing!


Sara Caceres
Sara Caceres
Nov 24, 2021

Hi Keyla I think The exhibition is amazing, the love and all the experiences you had to go through are perfectly described in all the pieces ! Congratulations ! I wish the very best !


Urs Müller
Urs Müller
Nov 23, 2021

Einzigartige Werke mit eigenständigen Merkmalen.

Ich denke nicht, dass du Rat benötigst. Mach einfach weiter. Du hast alles, was du brauchst in Dir. Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Freude bei deinen kreativen Arbeiten.


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