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Procesos /Process

People ask me a lot about my creative time, how it begins? where came all the ideas from? when ? what do I think?

They want me to give some path of creations tips.

Well, I have so little to say because that comes so naturally in me that I can't put it into words.

I could describe myself a little and maybe will help you to get an idea.

Every person has to discover its owns ways of blooming, to say it so.

Creation has funnies ways to find a realization form.

Creation can be found on deepest relaxation moments or it can be from happy days to non so happy days.

On my video named Process Stories I talk about what we are.

I asked myself oft, what am I? and the answer so far to myself its that I am just a memory storage of experiences, of love, of sounds, smells...

Im often thinking about emotions, how it works inside us and how emotions reflects into our actions.

Im not a big traveler... places to places... but im a traveler when im running, meditating and observing. Because im a curious one... I take pictures, I take an emotion and live it in every perspectives. We all are different, so are the reactions of this emotions. Find something in you, or in nature and feel it... let this emotion tells you an Storie.

Things have changed inside of me, maybe the pressure of not be what I want to.. sometimes this got me distracted. So, I think that happens a lot to many of us, life isn't easy, bills has to get paid and nothing comes for free. But even in this situation it can be very useful at the time of creation. But how it is this possible? because we are into an specific emotion feeling. Work it out! it can be turn into amazing things!!!

We are just emotions and emotions can be expressed in art.

So take an emotion and spend some time with it. Work it; feel it...

Im working at the moment with this idea of an workshops on line..maybe not online...

This are Ma'Pipol (My people) Funny people made of an easy way of construction, it can be done for a non experienced person, its fun and beautiful at the same time.

im just dealing with the "payment" issue, cause im not that modern... ha! can you believe this??? I do live in Switzerland and I am not that modern!!! It happens :-P

This is Clay ( ceramic clay) and you can make your own YOU!!!!

Im so happy to share my ideas with You!!!

Don't miss it!!

its going to be amaziiiiiing!!!!

We will do something to be happy for!

See You! Share if you liked it... and thanks in advance!


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